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Sore, swollen tonsils can make swallowing painful, and in some cases, enlarged tonsils can make it difficult to breathe. Dr. F. Monte Purcelli has helped hundreds of Santa Monica, CA, area patients overcome tonsil problems with tonsil surgery performed on an outpatient basis and with minimal recovery time.

Tonsil Surgery Q & A

What are tonsils?

Your tonsils are masses of tissue located at the back of your throat that serve as tiny filters for germs that could otherwise get into your trachea and lungs. Tonsils also produce some of the body's antibodies used to fight germs.

Why might they need to be removed?

Exposed to germs every day, some tonsils become overwhelmed and begin to become infected on a regular basis, resulting in persistent sore throats and swelling that can make eating and swallowing uncomfortable. One of the most common causes of tonsil infection, or tonsillitis, is the Streptococcal bacterium, the same germ that causes strep throat. Tonsils can also become infected by a host of other types of viruses. When tonsils become chronically infected, a tonsillectomy – removal of the tonsils – may be recommended. Tonsils may also need to be removed if they become enlarged, making it difficult to swallow or breathe.

How is a tonsillectomy performed?

Tonsillectomy is typically performed with a scalpel and other instruments which are used to dissect and then remove them. Other techniques include laser, ultrasound, radiofrequency and electrocautery. Dr. Purcelli will recommend the approach he feels is best for your needs. Most surgeries take from 30 minutes to an hour and are performed on an outpatient basis.

What is recovery like?

After tonsil surgery, you'll have a sore throat which can range in intensity. You may also experience some pain in the jaw or neck. Dr. Purcelli will prescribe medication or recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with these symptoms. Even though swallowing may be uncomfortable at first, it's important to drink plenty of fluids frequently throughout the day; you may feel most comfortable eating a soft diet for a few days. Some patients also experience a low-grade fever for a day or two.


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