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F. Monte Purcelli, MD

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Head And Neck Surgery Specialist

As an experienced UCLA-trained surgeon, Dr. F. Monte Purcelli uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques and tools to provide patients in the Santa Monica, CA, area with head and neck surgery aimed at resolving a wide range of problems, including tumors, cysts, swallowing disorders, balance and hearing problems and much more.

Head and Neck Surgery Q & A

What types of head and neck surgery can an ENT perform?

An ENT, also called an ear, nose and throat doctor or otolaryngologist, is trained to provide medical care for the structures of the head, neck, throat and larynx, nose and nasal cavities, and ears. Dr. Purcelli is skilled in advanced techniques to treat a wide range of problems, including:

  • benign and malignant tumors

  • diseases of the salivary glands

  • salivary “stones”

  • chronic and acute infections including sinusitis

  • throat or larynx problems including trouble swallowing and speaking

  • cysts and abscesses

  • hearing and balance disorders

  • ear diseases and disorders

  • facial nerve problems

How will Dr. Purcelli determine if I need surgery?

Before any decision is made about surgery, Dr. Purcelli will perform a physical examination, including possible diagnostic imaging to gain a clear view of the structures of your head and neck. Once he makes a definitive diagnosis, he'll discuss your condition and all the possible treatment options, as well as their risks and benefits, so you feel comfortable about the decisions that are made regarding your treatment.

What will the recovery process be like?

Your recovery will depend on the type of surgery you have. Many procedures can be performed as same-day surgeries, which means you'll have surgery in the morning and be able to go home at the end of the day after being monitored and evaluated. Other treatments may require an overnight hospital stay. Following your surgery, you'll see Dr. Purcelli for follow-up visits to ensure you're healing properly, and you may have additional imaging procedures performed so Dr. Purcelli can monitor your progress more closely. 


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept all PPO insurance, as well as Medicare on assignment on a fee-for-services only basis. We do not accept any HMO plans. We also accept Medicare Advantage, but please call the office prior to your first appointment to verify.

Below is a short list of the insurance we accept. If you do not see your insurance listed, and for any other health insurance questions, please call our office.

Anthem Blue Cross
Assurant Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Shield of California
First Health

Words from our patients

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    "He is professional, nice, and extremely knowledgeable about his profession."

    Neil M.
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    "His staff is kind and works with you to get an appointment booked ASAP, and Dr. Purcelli is very nice, explains everything, and is compassionate."

    Kim C.
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    "I love everything about this office. The staff is always friendly and efficient and Dr. Purcelli is thorough and knowledgeable."

    April H.
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    "Whenever I was there, i never waited longer than a few minutes to see the doctor if that long. I highly recommend him."

    Abraham W.
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    "The staff was kind and the doctor was personable and generous with his time and explanation. The cleaning was painless and effective."

    Gabe S.
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    "This doctor is old school, he is very dry and does not do small talk. He helped me and I felt he is a real professional that knows what he is doing."

    Marina R.