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Ear infections can cause hearing loss in addition to pain and dizziness. Dr. F. Monte Purcelli helps Santa Monica, CA, area patients get the treatments they need for infections of the outer, middle and inner ear so they feel better and hear better quickly.

Ear Infections Q & A

What types of ear infections are there?

Ear infections can occur in any area of the ear – outer, middle or inner ear. Outer ear infections include swimmer's ear, which causes the ear to become red and painful and may be accompanied by drainage from the ear. Middle ear infections, or otitis media, occur when bacteria or viruses get trapped and grow behind the ear drum. Inner ear infections may be restricted to the inner ear or may be caused by an infection like encephalitis that affects the brain.

What are the symptoms of an ear infection?

Symptoms include pain or a feeling of pressure or fullness inside the ear, tinnitus (noises), drainage from the ear, hearing loss, and in some cases, dizziness or fever. Infants with ear infections will be especially fussy and may rub or grab at their ear.

Why do ear infections occur more often in children?

In anatomy, the Eustachian tube extends from the nasal cavity and throat to the middle ear. In children, the tube is nearly horizontal, and is shorter than in older individuals, making it easier for bacteria to migrate into the ear. As we grow, the tubes become more vertical, and longer, making it more difficult for bacteria to get into the ear. The vertical position also makes it easier for fluids to drain out of the ear.

How are ear infections treated?

Most ear infections can be cleared up with careful cleaning and with antibiotics which may be given as drops or pills. In some cases where infection is severe or does not respond to treatment, or in patients who have multiple infections, surgery may be necessary to place special tubes that allow the ear to drain. Inserts called ear wicks might also be used to enable medication to penetrate a swollen ear canal so they can reach the site of infection.


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