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Division Of Lingual Frenulum Specialist

As an experienced, UCLA-trained physician, Dr. Purcelli has helped hundreds of children who have problems with "tongue-tie," performing division of the lingual frenulum, or frenulectomy, to enable the tongue to move freely. Dr. Purcelli has experience working with patients from newborns and up.

Division of Lingual Frenulum Q & A

What is the lingual frenulum?

The lingual frenulum, also called frenum, is the little band of tissue that extends from the bottom of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. Stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth and lift your tongue: See that band of tissue stretching down from the bottom of your tongue? That is your lingual frenulum or frenum.

What is a frenectomy and why is it needed?

In some people, the frenulum is attached much farther forward on the tongue than normal, resulting in a condition called “ankyloglossia,” or “tongue-tie.” Children with this condition frequently have trouble speaking and moving their tongue. A lingual frenectomy refers to a procedure that clips the lingual frenulum to allow the tongue to have greater range of motion.

How common is "tongue-tie" (ankyloglossia)?

According to clinical data, about one percent to 10 percent of the population has the condition.

What problems can ankyloglossia cause?

Although some children learn to adapt to their condition, most experience problems which can include:

  • difficulty nursing

  • gaps between the lower front teeth

  • speech problems

  • difficulty clearing teeth of chewed food particles

  • social issues such as teasing from speech or related problems

What is the division procedure like?

The procedure is relatively simple.  The baby is swaddled and held still while Dr. Purcelli divides (cuts) the frenulum.  Some parents opt to wait before having their child undergo treatment to see if the child adapts on his or her own, or if the frenum stretches as the child grows. Dr. Purcelli carefully evaluates all patients and suggests an approach aimed at helping each individual child and his or her symptoms.


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